McRae's Brewing Services

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McRae Integration, creator of Meridian, has several additional services to offer brewers. You can find a full list of these services on the McRae Integration website.

Engineering & Technical Brewing Services

McRae's multi-disciplinary team of friendly and professional industry experts can provide complete support services to brewers including, but not limited to:

  • Supply Chain Master Planning
  • Brewing and Packaging Engineering Design, Costing, Project Management and Commissioning Services
  • Brewery Automation Solutions from Functional Design Specifications through to Final Documentation in CIP, Brew House, Fermentation, Aging, Filtration and Packaging operations
  • Beer and Beer Packaging technical support to Improve Productivity, Reduce Loss and Waste, Manage Product Quality and Develop New Products

Brewing & Packaging Project Management

Most brewers are focused on brewing. Getting quality beer out the door is their top priority. Often, handling the needs of expansion or improvements can strain the system unnecessarily. McRae has experts that can help you to execute your projects. We have worked with brewers for years to take their plans and help them to achieve their goals. No project is too small for McRae. We know what it takes to put a complicated brewing plan into action. We have experience in all aspects of brewing from auxiliary systems such as CO2 or steam through adjuncts, hop addition or specialty malt. We handle both small and large projects. From filler or inspection additions to full packaging lines, McRae can help you execute your vision.

Controls & Automation

Our controls and automation experts can make your life easier. We understand the needs of breweries big and small. We use that knowledge to develop strategies and standards that will save you money and give you greater up-time. Whether it is a network upgrade to help you get the most from your shop floor information systems and production reporting or a controls system that will allow you to get the most from your brewery, we have the answers. Contact us if you would like a consultation or a partner for your automation strategy.