Meridian BrewSoft

Meridian is a North American brewing system designed with brewers in mind. Our years of brewing industry experience have enabled us to create cutting-edge software that empowers brewers to decrease cost, improve quality, reduce waste and increase throughput. Rapid installation and lower purchase cost, keeps you brewing and may help you to avoid costly capital expenditure. Our phenomenal real-time reporting module, BrewSight, gives you analytical tools that can help to avoid expensive problems and keep you in control.

Developed to Meet the Needs of the North American Brewer

Modern brewers are asking for help to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding craft beer market. In addition to making great beer to satisfy a discerning customer, the brewer needs to keep costs in control and meet the demand plan with capacity. Meridian can help you achieve your goals with:

  • More brews per day
  • Less waste
  • Greater consistency
  • Improved quality
  • Lower installation cost
  • Faster implementation
  • Better process analytics
  • Fit for size

Brewing Software that Provides the Tools You Need

Meridian has the tools to help you to make your brewing processes simpler, more efficient, more profitable, and easier to manage. Built with the intent of putting the brewer in control, the software interfaces were designed to allow brewers to easily perform the tasks that put them in the driver’s seat:

  • Web access recipe modification
  • Web based sequence management
  • Remote BrewSight, reporting analytics
  • Enhanced operator troubleshooting tools
  • Brew Scheduling with auto execution
  • High performance Graphics HMI
  • Powerful reporting

Flexible & Reliable Software

Rockwell has developed standard modules for its PlantPAx® system. Meridian is built using these proven tools to provide an open system. This results in an extremely dependable solution. Since it is built upon PlantPAx standard modules, any support required can be provided by a Rockwell Integrator in your area – no inconvenient long-distance support. Meridian includes your local support integrator on our installation team to ensure the continuity of support.

Meridian BrewSoft uses high performance graphic (HPG) HMIs which have demonstrated improved response time to process alarms and deviations. HPG screens are the new standard for industrial applications globally. The PLC-based system makes it robust, while the web-based recipe editor allows you perform recipe management and sequencer modification with a user-friendly interface.

The Meridian BrewSoft Advantage

Meridian is less complicated, so it takes less time and fewer resources to configure and deploy. That makes it less expensive and easier to maintain and modify. It is built using Rockwell standard blocks to give brewers the ability to use internal or local support through Rockwell’s PlantPAx integrator network. This makes it more supportable without the need for telephone support contracts. Additionally, since the software is open, you don’t need to pay for licensing from Meridian.

The power of intelligent sequencing allows us to optimize the flow of material through the brewery. This can maximize throughput and allow you to use more of your installed capacity giving you more headroom before you need to replace equipment. Meridian BrewSoft offers many advantages to competitive solutions:

  • Could help avoid costly and disruptive capital replacement
  • Less expensive because it is less complicated
  • Faster development and install cycle
  • No ongoing support costs
  • No Meridian licensing fees
  • Flexible Support when you need it

Supported by Experience

Our on-staff Brewmaster has many years of experience in breweries of all sizes. This allows us to provide strong, solution-focused leadership and expert on-site evaluations to ensure that we provide a solution that works for you.

Customer Testimonials

“As the lead project Brewer for MolsonCoors Brewery in Toronto I have worked closely with [Meridian's parent company] McRae Integration for many years. During that time we have successfully completed numerous projects of varying size and scope, and I have been very pleased with McRae’s contribution. They have a broad understanding of our processes and business needs and actively contribute through all phases of the project. They are innovative and have provided software for the process control of our brewing systems over many years. They constantly incorporate learnings from their projects and enhance the software capabilities, as well as being proficient at adapting stand-alone equipment controls into our processes.

The McRae people have demonstrated good background knowledge, organization, communication and management skills as well as a passion to be successful and meet our brewery’s needs for deliverables including timing and financials. A key attribute of McRae’s performance is that they stand by their work after the project is completed. As a partner with MolsonCoors, McRae is always there to support when required, and willing to revisit their work if new information dictates the need for a change.

In summary, working with McRae Integration over the years has been an asset to our brewery and myself personally. They continually prove that they are worthy of being our preferred partner, having distanced themselves from other competitors at a very early stage.”
- Scott Phillips
Sr. Technical Brewer
Molson Coors Canada, Toronto Brewery'

“The implementation of Meridian Brewing software has enabled Sapporo to exceed our expectations for both Quality and Product Consistency. We have also been able to expand its capabilities with increased reporting as needed. Meridian has provided us a system that has proven to be stable and reliable and our best of all, our brewers find it to be user friendly. We have been very pleased with the product and service provided by Meridian and would encourage others to give them a look.”
- Michael Morrison
Project Manager, Controls Engineering
Sapporo Canada

“The Meridian controls system, along with their support, allows us to run the brewhouse in a very efficient and highly productive manner. Meridian has made short work of our brewing operation, which due to our process design is more complex than most breweries. Any capabilities that we have been able to dream up, Meridian has been able to make happen.”
- Jonathan Crawshaw
Brewing Technical Specialist
Sleeman Breweries, Guelph ON

“The implementation of Meridian brewing software could not have been more seamless. Their automation staff has many years of brewing experience, which explains how they were able to commission the software in a matter of days! The screens are straight forward and easy to use, plus there is lots of opportunity to expand and grow (again) when necessary. Best of all, Meridian assisted us in reaching our targeted output of 11 brews per day! ”
- Stefan Tobler
Okanagan Spring Brewery, Vernon BC